Human Particle Theory Pt II: 7 Areas to Advance Your Health

A note on Human Particle Theory, seems a bit heady right?

But really it’s a simplistic elemental way of looking at the world. in Pt 1 of this topic we’ve explored how the energetic exchanges between humans can create and destroy relationships. Now lets talk about how our interactions with our environment create or destroy the health of the individual.

Since the body is constantly programming itself based on the input from the environment, the best way to look health is to posit a tiny understanding of the physics of creation and decay of matter, as it stands to reason that those same laws apply to our cellular structure or bodies.

This graphic shows that our environment and how we process it is the difference between one person’s disease and another persons happy health. Strong vs. Weak interactions, on the same level as particles.


Epigentics in simple terms states that the way our cells behave is not usually about genes, but ruled instead by the environment that surrounds the cell. So many things can effect the proteins that the cell expresses and therefore, dictate the way the cell behaves. In simpler terms, health is absolutely controlled by our environment or even more exact, how one relates or processes their environment, emotions and stimuli.

Our current science fails in identifying strong causes of disease for many reasons. One person can have a major exposure to a toxic substance and not become ill, while another dies with far less exposure to the same chemical. The fact is, except with smoking and a few other things, we can’t say that for sure that ONE thing is the cause or leads to disease, but moreover it is a myriad of things or the ‘perfect’ storm. So what creates the perfect storm?

In a big way, YOU! Each person can, in many ways, enhance interactions in their social, emotional and physical habitat. This makes YOU the main factor in your own health or disease. Of course things happen; there are genetic weakness’s and even unknown exposures. No, we can’t control everything; but no matter before or after disease we can nurture our health and/or learn to heal on so many levels.

This isn’t about blame, but instead about creation. In taking responsibility for how we respond, and our part in weak prolonged exposures we become creators rather than victims!!  This mentality is a huge step in changing ourselves and the world we live in for the better.

I theorize that just like particle theory we have fundamental interactions in our everyday lives. It is my belief that  strong interaction vs. degrading frequencies or weak interaction, coupled and CONTROLLED by a person’s emotional perception/response to the interaction is what is creating both reality (perception), and cellular health.

So the work begins. It is each person’s responsibility, if they wish to live up to being creators, to figure out how to:

1. create strong interactions with our environment in the form of our relationships, exposures and what we’re consuming. Creating strong interactions begins with strengthening your own energetic field, ensures that your internal environment is clear enough to be a good transmitter AND receiver! This resonance can be created through specific techniques that enhance and amplify your frequencies. Keeping your frequencies high actually creates a magnetic charge around you that protects you from many weakening forces. This helps to keep you from reacting to, or becoming entrained by external environment to lower frequencies. The overall goal is to induce a biological upgrade and allow you to tune into a field that is invisible to others, yet exists all around us.

2. guide emotions, thoughts and exposures so that when negative interactions do occur, as they will, they do not deprogram our lives, and in turn our cells and negatively effect our long-term health. Enhancing our understanding of the fundamentals of quantum physics can give us clarified ability to understand how things work on every level.  We can recognize a weak interaction immediately as a negative feeling on our body and were are able to use tools so that we do not react in a way that enhances or prolongs that decaying energy; otherwise it is we who are are allowing our mental or physical state to create prolonged cellular stress. Many times it takes someone getting sick and wanting so badly to be well– to actually make us determined enough to really make changes necessary. However, we can change things even before disease sets in, this is true prevention. There is no need to hit rock bottom. Sometimes it happens, and when it does, then it’s even more important to raise your frequencies, otherwise there is no hope for long-term healing.

This is why I started my work with people who already had cancer. Most times they are absolutely ready to change any toxic interaction or pattern, because if they don’t, their cells will continue to mutate and they will probably die. People who are already diagnosed are quickly willing to look at their lives and do the work to change. We know that the mind and body are absolutely connected, a pill isn’t going to do it alone, neither is treatments that cut, burn and poison the environment. Yes, treat the tumor, but then we MUST address the entire being.

Lets look at the 7 ways we create strong or weak interactions and health or disease:

1. Movement, exercise, meditation/connection and rest. Are we paying attention to the vessel of our body and giving it the flexibility, strength and sleep it requires?

2. Nutrition: Nourishment comes in many forms! A healthy diet of foods in their natural unprocessed form, without too many alterations or chemicals. Healthy consumption in the form of media etc. Choosing what we put in is what creates our bodies ability to process the things that we can’t control. This is also what programs our thought patterns, a constant diet of weakening frequencies like violence, destruction and horror. Frequencies are responsible for holding matter together, it stands to reason frequencies will program cells to be strong or weak, and reflect in our genetic expression.

3. Personal and Professional Development: Do you have meaning in your life? Do you like where you spend your time? Is your job or career a happy place you for? Does it feel empty? Does it bolster you or hold you back? What are your hobbies? How does your free time define you? Do you find time to connect creatively, or help others? We use many things in our busy lives to distract us from meaning, but we are all absolutely connected and empathetic. The vegas nerve fires when you see a touching moment; a tear comes to your eye. There is a sense of elation when you witness someone helping someone else, endorphins are released. This reaction is called “elevation”. We are hardwired for a compassionate response and the act of helping anything or anyone creates a strong cellular/emotional interaction. If you don’t volunteer or find time to get outside yourself, you’re missing a plethora of opportunities for healthy interactions.

4. Physical Environment: Is your actual environment clean, healthy, expansive? Or is it dirty, toxic and diminishing? Do you find time to get away and enjoy fresh air? Do you live in a place that you enjoy? Are your bad habits ruling you? Do you pay attention to chemical exposures? Are you in a sea of packaging and plastics?

5. Relationships & Communication: Do you have healthy expressive relationships? Do you find yourself in constant struggle or victimized by your interactions? Do you feel supported and loved? Do you feel understood and that people that know you appreciate you?

6. Spirituality: This relates to every aspect of a human. How do you view the world? Is the world a place of trust and love. or distrust and angst? Do you have meaning in the time you spend? Do you feel connected to creation or unconditional love? Do you have a spiritual practice? Are you in action or apathy?

7. Mind body connection: The mind is absolutely entwined with the body. It is the most important part of health and healing. This is why simply treating a disease will not cure someone long-term. We must address the factors that lead to disease. The most important aspect of health is grasping this connection and understanding that the sensations and occurrences on the body are always going to effect the mind and vice versa. If you allow your mind and body to be both programmed with negative interactions and thImaginationen run amok repeating these interactions, you have anxiety, anger, etc…. which will eventually reflect in physical maladies. If you program your mind and body with positive interactions then even if a physical ailment does manifest, as it eventually will in a human being, the suffering that comes with it is decreased.

We are programmed and we are the programmers. There are a whole slew of positive interactions that can positively effect health on all levels.

Lets choose our interactions wisely and understand the role we play in the creating and destroying of our health.

Watch for Part 3 Human Particle Physics and Society’s Overall Health.


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