Surgical Reiki

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Luana is among a small number of Reiki practitioners that have experience working with hospitals and doctors in the operating room. Data shows that the experience of surgery can be improved and enhanced through the presence of Reiki energy before, after and during open surgical procedures.  The observational data show it create enhanced healing and less post operative pain and complications.

Ask your surgeon if they would be willing to use Luana’s experience. Columbia Presbyterian Hospital Dr. Oz and Dr. Sheldon Feldman are some medical professionals on the cutting edge of care.

Creating an enhanced experience by bringing energetic connection and presence into hospitals is of the the utmost importance in the evolution into a more patient centered system. This care addresses underlying issues and fear that can be associated with our healthcare system.

Luana is experience hands on in surgery certain surgeon allows this. Cost will depend on procedure and length of time. Additionally, Luana can provide end of life compassionate presence and help ease the journey using the same methods. 

• Strengthening presence w/Reiki
• Pre & Post surgical presence
• Essential Oils / OR Guidance
• Therapeutic Sound

End of Life

Contact Luana for more information and rates.

Bedside Vigils. Luana has witnessed and held space for many in need. A gift when life is especially trying, therapeutic sound, reiki, essential oils,  and intuitive work gives compassionate presence at bedside of those living through extreme diagnosis and those transitioning through end-of-life and the their family. She has learned from great teachers like Roshi Joan Halifax to facilitate this very important time.

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