An intuitive multidisciplinary approach guide you on a deep healing journey. Be open to a customized session that is meant to activate beneficial brainwave states so that you can release mental or physical impediments to your bodys’ wholeness. 

• Reiki Master & Theta Energy 
• Chakra Clearing • Auric Attunement
• Therapeutic Oils Young Living
• Sound / Frequency Modulation: Gong, Tuning Forks & Singing Bowls, Voice + Bio Acoustic Mat 
• BioMat (Light + Heat) Sauna Tent
• Nutritional & Life Coach
• Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing)
• Guided Imagery
• Movement: Yoga, Qi Gong
• Breath Work

• Tapping / EFT
• Contemplative Counseling
• Surgical Reiki
• End of Life Care / Hospice & Contemplative Grief Coach

goddess of oils and reiki
Half Hour

Intro Session


May Include:

• Reiki
• Aromatherapy
• Chakra Alignment
• Gong: Frequency Modulation
• Kinesiology

• BioMat & PEMF Mat

One Hour

Simple Session


Our most popular session may include:

• Reiki
• Aromatherapy
• Chakra Clearing Auric Strengthening
• Gong: Frequency Modulation
• BioMat & PEMF Mat
• For the addition of $20
• Cord Cutting / Soul Contract work
• Theta Blockage Removal
• Kinesiology
• Nutritional Education

Two Hour

Extended Session


Includes a combination  (modalities are interchanged based on intuitive client necessity):

• Reiki
• Essential Oils
• Intuitive work
• Gong: Frequency Modulation
• BioMat Treatment
• Theta Blockage Removal
• Cord Cutting / Soul Contract work
• Space Clearing
• Nutritional Counseling
• Regimen testing and supplement testing

One Hour Travel within NYC

Home Visits/ Private In-Home Session


In some cases Luana is willing to come to your home to provide services. Transportation cost not included. Client must have applicable equipment. Contact Luana for specific information on this.

One Hour Travel within NYC

Space Clearing/ Realignment of Energy


Luana can utilize her skills to clear and align the space in your home or office.

Travel outside of NYC is of course priced according to specific client and time needed. Transportation cost not included. Client must have applicable equipment. Personal consult needed.

Her most unique gift is in channeling what is needed most in a way that makes you feel safe and supported.

Private sessions are quite limited and depend on her travel and availability.

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