Human Particle Theory I: Human Resonance

Its’ so interesting how you can apply particle physics to life. What holds us together? How do things work? In my solitude and learning about particles this similarity came to me, it resulted in a theory about human interaction as an extension of particle physics. This also applies to individual health/epigenetics and the health of society as a whole.

When you really think about the way things work you can apply every energetic human relationship or interaction to particle theory.

weak_interaction To illustrate, every interaction holds different vibrations or fundamental interactions, also known as fundamental forces.

First comes electromagnetism a physical interaction that occurs between similarly charged people or energy fields. There is a magnetic vibration that puts us in the same area at the same time as another individual to interact.

Then gravitation causes us to actually meet. It brings us together with pheromones or interest, but is the weakest force that is a binding force. Gravitation seems kind of like initial desire. This gravitation gives one the desire to speak but it’s not what creates a true bond. Gravitation can be a simple small talk and a good bye, or a real engaging deep conversation that creates a desire to build intimacy. Sometimes people choose to become intimate at this stage. This is deemed casual sex, deep interaction without a real bond.

Then there is strong interaction. These are 100 times stronger than gravitation. Strong interaction happens as a result of the initial gravitation. When two people feel a need to produce a bond or form a nucleus of some sort. The bond of friendship, or a more intimate relationship builds as a result of the initial forces enacted. Love is an example of a strong interaction as in an intimate spiritual partnership, group of friends, etc. This strong interaction creates a deeper bond than sex alone and can be the core of our world. This is creation energy. Things get built, shared and empowered to become something greater than the individual. A human physical bond that holds together two separately vibrating particles. This strong interaction can lead to growth of the individuals as a unit, or towards their higher selves. Often times this is fed and nurtured by continued strong interactions that build over time.

Along the way, we encounter degrading frequencies or weak interaction states. This state is responsible for radioactive decay, and you can instantly experience it as a depleting force. Weak interaction can happen at any point within the particle/human interaction. This energy is responsible for the death of the interaction or structure. In this state, rather than producing energy the vibration resonates at a rate that is slower or lower. This in turn assisting a destructive energy or acting to quell the temperature of a hot interaction. In a bond, if enough of these weak interactions continue over time the forces that held together the nucleus will become loose and the relationship will decay. It can be said that the structure of the relationship, like the structure of matter is held together with the balance of strong vs. weak interactions!!

Likewise, it stands to reason that the individual and community and their state of health can also be determined by these strong vs. weak interaction states or creation vs. decaying energies and the prevalence of each…… (look for more of this in Part 2 & 3 of Human Particle Theory)

Have you ever met someone, then had a weak interaction before you ever built a bond? Weak interaction at this point dissolves the gravitation quickly right?? Now, how often have you had a strong love interaction or bond with someone over time, and weak interactions begin to occur? The vibration changes, right? Many then try to get back to the strong interaction to maintain or rebuild the strength of the structure.

If the lower frequencies were strong enough or if they keep occurring, eventually the transitory nature of energy emerges, the bond degrades. The relationship ends. Sometimes if the strong interactions, or memories of them persist, we continue to stay connected, but from a distance– remembering the good interactions as if connected by weaker strings of good vibrations. But the effect of weak interactions is many times able to weaken the structure enough to separate us. Sometimes there is enough force exerted by these weak interactions that the entire nucleus or entire relationship gets absorbed, and you choose to cut all communication feeling depleted, even by the memories.

So you see, the level of strong vs. weak interactions can also determine whether we are completely repelled by another particle/person, or choose to hold a fondness for them but release the bond.

It’s amazing what we can gain from an understanding at the tiniest level to the everyday lives and relations of human beings. After all we are just particles.

loveluanaby: Luana DeAngelis

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