A Letter to the Angry Left. The Millennials, the Outraged.


Dear Leftys, Social Justice Seekers and Next Generation,

I know almost everyone is shocked and angry. However, we must not attack each-other. In lowering our beautiful energy to the vibrational level of anger and staying there– we give the haters exactly what they want –a hateful world. A skewed version of humanity. Yes these racist, and brave-enough-to-attack-people-assholes exist but it’s not the voters or non-voters fault, these assholes would be there either way.

I see this as the last gasp of a dying patriarchy. A reflection of a manical antiquated CORRUPT two party system that was based on enslavement of the population for profit since its early days. But not from its inception. This system has to change. Our way of being will be threatened. It should have happened in 2007, the huge backlash by the moral majority, but instead there was a bail out. Money was consolidated and amassed out of the hands of the middle class and those responsible were rewarded for it.

Corruption and bigotry go hand in hand and are engrained on a very deep level. They are both based on negating another human being, in the name of ego, or profit.

We must engage, but we cannot evolve if we are vibrating below the frequency of neutrality. This behavior is not ok, but at least it’s out in the open so we can address it. Now HOW to address it without losing our balance and our understanding of people as inherently good? We on the left must prepare ourselves and not be shocked by ignorant bigots, but deal with it utilizing intelligent but strong action, and standing in our BALANCED power.

We must be willing to sacrifice our comfort level, because no amount of posting on Facebook will create what is needed for real change, though it can motivate others to action.

Please watch the documentary on Netflix called 13th. It helped me understand more about racism and how it was built into our system. Then we can harken back to the days when the USA stayed out of the holocaust for years, and failed to defend the Jewish population until millions were killed, because our top families and corporations were making mass quantities of investments and profits on those atrocities. They stated ‘there was no compelling reason for entering sooner’. Because in THAT CASE it was more profitable to stay out than to enter.  Oh yeah also, because GENOCIDE isn’t compelling enough, not if we’re still in the black…. But fast forward, we’ve been really quick to go to war when the profits are under their sand and the Haliburtons of the world can gain.

If we are going to address the Trumpism issue we must have a tiny understanding of how we got here, and just how insipid and hardwired our system is with this mindset. THEN AND ONLY THEN will we begin to be able to fix it. Little sister, make no mistake it is your generation that is tasked with this. You stand poised to evolve the consciousness of mankind itself. You will be successful. WE will be. You know why? Because we had our strong red headed mothers and hippie fathers behind us who led the way and started this momentum. Unfortunately, or gladly your generation is going to have to change everything in order to save this place. I’m here with you, let’s work together.

I’m walking in the peace protests to stop for AIM SPECTRA and STANDING ROCK to demand the profiteers stop raping and killing what is left of the indigenous of this land. Who, BTW were estimated to be between 10 and 100 million strong when we arrived and we had them down under 2 million by the time we were done stealing their land, killing their food supply…. We then put them in ‘prisoner of war camps’ where they have been persecuted ever since with the latest encroachment being to devastate their sacred sites and build fracked gas pipelines that WILL break across the water supply of 10 million people, including those numerous tribes.

The entire human race is the next tribe to be wiped off the planet if we are not collectively awakened now. Planetary genocide is happening. It’s time to collectively put our foot down. Take ACTION.

The mindset of separatism is hellacious but the voice of our Mother Earth will be heard. Her children are wide awake and we are taking names.  Nahko: “Love Letters To God”