“Helping you reach and maintain your full human potential”  

• creative Integrative Therapist / master in many methods.

• lifelong natural health lineage

Methods: Reiki, Therapeutic Sound, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping), HeartMath, Theta, Matrix Energetics, quantum coaching, Guided Imagery, Sound/Energy Alchemy & Intuitive guidance, patient navigation, holistic health coaching. Luana works in group sessions and private. All work is done intuitively and may be recorded.  


Luana has created and facilitated a holistic multi-disciplinary models for health and healing for decades. She uses this whole-care approach with her private clients.   


Sound/Energy Alchemy is a sonic guide to an enhanced human experience. You can find a charitable channelled session here .Recorded in one take all instruments an vocals infused with Reki. Luana’s work illustrates how utilizing sound frequency + vibrations can redesign human particles. 

Essential Oils

Luana’s tool box includes herbs & Young Living Essential Oil. Whether you have experiencer or not, we can teach you how to incorporate oils into any modality or treatment. Her distributor number is 948250 if wish to sign up you to get them yourself, please contact Luana for info.

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