Cancer and Alkaline Foods

Cancer, the body and the alkaline myth….

I read these posts stating that “cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment” I needed to address that from a perspective of someone who works with cancer and natural health. Cancer and Alkaline Foods

It seems that people, and many with cancer think that they can super-alkalize as a curative measure. But that’s just not enough, though it can’t hurt. You see the body’s tissues are always alkaline. When you eat sugar, carbs, and processed foods that acidify the body, without enough alkaline foods to balance, the body then has to sacrifice calcium ash from elsewhere to lower PH, thus putting strain on organs, etc.

Remember Jim Smith? He had a sudden fatal heart attack, though he was supposed to be in the best shape. As in the case of Jim Smith the marathon runner, at that time people believed that exercise was best done on a belly full of carbs and acidic foods eggs, meat/protein. More recently a teen athlete died of what was dubbed “Ben Gay overdose”. What is more likely, is that on top of a crappy diet she was overloading on topical medications causing an extreme acidosis, resulting in failure of the organs.

ph food chartIn my young years, I had a friend who was eating pizza and drinking nothing but soda for weeks when his mom was away. I had some intuition about his health so I asked him “when did you last eat a vegetable?” he didn’t seem to care, but I explained the acid/alkaline balance, “your body is like a fishtank”….yadda yadda. He thought me ridiculous.

Until later that evening he called me in crisis, he asked me to bring him to the hospital, due to a sudden attack of pain in his organs. He spent three days in the hospital and he told me decades later….. he always remembered what I told him, and never again drank soda. After that painful incident his mind was aware. The issue never again arose.

Exercise itself releases lactic acids, and medications and alcohol also create an acid environment as well certain foods and STRESS—  What happens is that the body will sacrifice the health of every organ to keep the tissues alkaline. If you’re not getting enough veggies to do that naturally, it will leech calcium from the heart, bones and other organs resulting in any number of issues INCLUDING cancer and not excluding sudden death. So an alkaline diet is very important for acidosis as well as nutrition— but to say that cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment, I think is false. Maybe disease wouldn’t start if the body was getting prolonged access to great nutrition and less stress. If you always did the right thing there would be less risk of developing a myriad of issues. But with cancer– once it’s ‘seeded’ it will excrete it’s own acidic cellular environment in the tissue in order to grow.

Prevention is always the best medicine!


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