luanaroundWhat was said to the rose that made it open was said to me here in my chest. -Rumi

Luana DeAngelis is a Reiki Master Teacher, therapeutic sound practitioner, integrative therapist, HeartMath instructor, coach & Social Innovator with a multi-generational lineage in natural health. Luana has emerged as a leader in the field of integrative health, disease prevention & palliative cancer care in New York City. She founded a health non-profit  in 2005, using her knowledge in holistic & integrative medicine to transform the way our system approaches health. Luana represents, both the model, & the leadership needed to mobilize our system from treatment of disease to prevention of it. She is a conduit for others to give time in service to those most in need. She started with women because they are the caretakers & the key to our evolution to a healthier, more equitable world.

 “In order to improve the health of society we must start with the women & mothers. They will teach everyone as we build a better more equitable world.”

With a passionate team & strategic vision, both individuals & the community at large are empowered to to manifest their best lives. Together, we alleviate the suffering in their own backyards.

In her private practice, her approach is to address & solving the cause of dis-ease. She was among the first practitioners providing hands-on Reiki in the operating room at Columbia Presbyterian & Montefiore Hospitals. Together with the most advanced doctors in the world Luana is furthering a hybrid utopian vision for preventative health care when our system needs it most.

An artist, musician & Renaissance woman, Luana also holds a patent as inventor in tech. She has created a platform which promote safer & playful interactions in the world, uniting people. As a musician she wrote rock music & now records channeled therapeutic sound & guided imagery.  She exclaims that energy & frequency is the future of medicine. Most recently, Luana has been honored to be chosen for a feature in O, The Oprah Magazine titled “the Beauty of Giving”  her work at You Can Thrive! is featured in many articles & interviews. Luana is available for speaking an media opportunities by contacting her online.

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