About Luana

luanaroundWhat was said to the rose that made it open was said to me here in my chest. -Rumi

Luana DeAngelis is a Social Entrepreneur with who has emerged in the field of integrative health, disease prevention and palliative cancer care in New York City. She descends from a long generational background of women in natural health, and created a non-profit in 2005 using her knowledge in integrative health to transform first her experience with cancer, the way our system approaches caring for the whole patient. For the past decade Luana has provided both the model, and the strong leadership needed to mobilize our system from treatment of disease to prevention.

Her passionate paradigm creates momentum by empowering individuals in the community to manifest their best lives and highest health through giving volunteer service to alleviate the suffering in their own backyards.

The highest state of healing is community. Luana believes in nurturing the mothers of our children through the times of despair when they are often unable to afford ‘the rest of what they need’ during harsh treatments for cancer. Women care for everyone, we teach them prevention they will teach the world!!

Patient care should be inclusive not exclusive there is no ‘us and them’ there is just us. As founder  Luana has navigated and provided ongoing hands on modalities to over 600 cancer survivors long-term care and thousands more through outreach. When necessary our community see’s client through to end of life. This model runs with help from hundreds of area volunteers.

Luana’s Approach & Methods

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