Human Particle Theory: Human Resonance

Its’ so interesting how you can apply particle physics to life. What holds us together? How do things work? In my solitude and learning about particles this similarity came to me, it resulted in a theory about human interaction as an extension of particle physics. This also applies to individual health/epigenetics and the health of society as a whole. When […]


This is a visual representation of the alpha/theta brainwave state

Frequencies & Oils

I’ve been on a big frequency kick lately. Using tones and frequencies in my life and in my work to help remove blockages. So I got interested in the frequencies of oils. It seems a researcher in Washington, developed new equipment to measure the bio-frequency of humans and foods. He used this bio-frequency monitor to […]

Reach Advanced Energetic States! 3

Brain Waves: Research has shown our brain usually stays in four major levels of awareness and can reach a fifth. The first four are known as Beta, Alpha, Theta Delta.  Finally Gamma is a state of higher awareness. Lets explore. 1) Beta (14-40Hz) – The Waking Consciousness And Reasoning Wave The most awake level is […]