Life is a spoon….

We all go through it. The stuff that makes us worried, sad, angry, confused, depressed, sick, depleted or stressed. It seems sometimes that life is so full of the above that you can hardly find the bright, joyful, loving moments between all the ‘static’. It seems to me that Life is a Spoon. The spoon […]

Life is  A Spoon

Oh yes it is.

Human Particle Theory Pt. III: Interactions of Society & Government

Human Particle Theory Pt. III: Interactions of Society and Government, Societal Strength or Degradation? In times of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act. ~George Orwell This election with Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton has got me to thinking. This is probably the perfect time to write the Human Particle Physics Pt. 3. […]

Cancer, the body and the alkaline myth….

I read these posts stating that “cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment” I needed to address that from a perspective of someone who works with cancer and natural health.  It seems that people, and many with cancer think that they can super-alkalize as a curative measure. But that’s just not enough, though it can’t […]

Cancer and Alkaline Foods


Human Particle Theory Pt II: 7 Areas to Advance Your Health

A note on Human Particle Theory, seems a bit heady right? But really it’s a simplistic elemental way of looking at the world. in Pt 1 of this topic we’ve explored how the energetic exchanges between humans can create and destroy relationships. Now lets talk about how our interactions with our environment create or destroy the health […]

Human Particle Theory I: Human Resonance

Its’ so interesting how you can apply particle physics to life. What holds us together? How do things work? In my solitude and learning about particles this similarity came to me, it resulted in a theory about human interaction as an extension of particle physics. This also applies to individual health/epigenetics and the health of society as a whole. When […]



Frequencies & Essential Oils 2

I’ve been on a big frequency kick for awhile now. Using tones and frequencies in my life and in my work to help remove impediments to healing. Helping activate anyone that I can into a higher frequency on behalf of the evolution of our species. So it as natural that I became interested in the frequencies of oils. […]

Reach Advanced Energetic States! 6

Brain Waves: Research has shown our brain usually stays in four major levels of awareness and can reach a fifth. The first four are known as Beta, Alpha, Theta Delta.  Finally Gamma is a state of higher awareness. Lets explore. 1) Beta (14-40Hz) – The Waking Consciousness And Reasoning Wave The most awake level is […]